PEP Ed Funds / TMI Saving$ 4U
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PEP and TMI are FREE services that enables families to save money for college, etc. by shopping as they would normally. Plus, when you enroll and shop enrolled businesses, you also support your child’s the community (schools, etc.) as well.

PEP is a non-profit organization that provides a way to generate funds for families pursuing a financial source for higher education. PEP creates business loyalty and generates new customers. PEP returns money back to the community and schools supporting our education systems.

TMI is a for-profit organzation (legal restrictions) that allows similar benefits. Visit TMI for more information

YES! PEP raises money for you and your school! ABSOLUTELY FREE!

PEP helps you save money for college, and help your school raise money at the same time. Learn how PEP can save more money than any other program of its kind!

Redeem PEPBucks that you earn when you buy from sponsors to save money for your family, your school and your community. Each PEPBuck you earn can be used in either PEP or TMI programs.

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