PEP Ed Funds / TMI Saving$ 4U
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About PEP: Mission

PEP is a not-for-profit program designed to help families generate funds to make college/post-secondary education more affordable.

The organization’s goal is to help schools obtain programs and equipment they could not otherwise afford. The work is done for the most part by volunteers from business, schools, and parents, whose goals are to provide a better education for the next generations and improve education in the United States overall.

About PEP: Company Profile

PEP was created to provide fundraising for schools and students while providing a traffic builder and brand awareness program for businesses.  It does this by returning money for education to the community .

About PEP: Board Members

Board Members
William Marty, President
Former Manager of Public Relations and Government Affairs, Coca Cola Corporation
Robert G. Elrod, PEP-Treasurer
Indianapolis City-County Council Legal Counsel/Treasurer
David Frizzell, Secretary
State Representative (R)
Barry Krauss
Retired NFL, Colts/Dolphins
U. of Alabama Nat'l Champs
Jack Sandlin
State Senator District 36, Indianapis City Council 2010-2016, 20 years Indianapolis Police Dept, Law Firm Administrator for Harrison and Moberly
National Director
RP “Dick” Turner
President, Turner Marketing Inc.
In Memorium
No words are adequate to express the loss for those that no longer walk with us, we can but express our sympathies to their loved ones and our hope to share a better future. — Gary Walker
Myron Barnard, Board Vice President
Retired Judge
Jerry Denbo
Former State Representative (D)
Theodore Robinette