PEP Ed Funds / TMI Saving$ 4U
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How Can PEP Help Me: Family View

Any family can save for college/post-secondary education with PEP!

Now saving for college can be as easy as enrolling in PEP. Students and family members can buy products and services as they normally would from enrolled local and national businesses. At the time of purchase, you will receive a VOUCHER. This money is added into an escrow account that can be used for college or trade school tuition or books and expenses.

How does a student benefit?

Funds are accrued according to purchases made and VOUCHERS collected by members of a student's family and other recruited supporters who participate. Funds are deposited into a family escrow account for individual tuitions for post secondary education (colleges or technical schools). 2 party checks are written directly to each student and institution.

Why is PEP better than other educational fund-raising programs?

Students and families don’t have to sell or buy anything that they would not normally buy from enrolled merchants within their own neighborhood. Where other similar college savings programs never seem to add up to much, PEP has designed a program that will allow students, and schools to see larger accumulation of funds, quicker.

Allocation: 50% family 15% schools 5% disadvantaged children 15% other educational programs

How Can PEP Help Me: School View

Schools can raise funds with little effort!

How can a school benefit from PEP?

The more participants the more support generated for your school.

  • No administrative costs for program - It's FREE
  • Helps to make unbudgeted purchases for schools
  • Less demand for fundraising by PTO, teachers, parents and students
  • Develops relationships with local businesses
  • Encourages your students to save for college

A percentage of every dollar in the program goes into your school’s account. Funds in the account can be used to pay for approved academic programs including scholarships, tutoring, incentive programs, educational trips, supplies, band uniforms, library books, and other related school expenditures that benefit your students. But the main benefit to the school is significant financial support with little effort for your school. CLICK HERE to see the School Benefit table!

Allocation: 50% family 15% schools 5% disadvantaged children 15% other educational programs

How Can PEP Help Me: Business View

Reach more customers with PEP!

PEP offers local businesses an economic way to advertise their services, increase repeat customer traffic, and inevitably grow business.

How will PEP increase business for local companies?

  • Increase customer traffic
  • Build repeat business at the local level
  • Develop new customer relationships
  • Improve relationships with current customers
  • Support local communities

How will PEP increase business for national companies and brands?

  • Drive traffic at the grass roots level
  • Directly reach families, students, and schools
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Improve relationships with your current customers
  • Support local communities

How Can PEP Help Everyone?

Pay for college and trade school tuition and
books for child dependents of deceased:

  • Community Service Organizations can partner with PEP / TMI
  • These organization receieve cash benefits when you use PEP / TMI
  • Families of Deceased Military Veterans
  • Families of Deceased Police & Fire Personal