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What is PEP?
PEP is a not-for-profit 501.c3 organization created to provide a means of generating funds for families and schools while providing a traffic builder and goodwill recognition for businesses and retail establishments by returning to the community money to support education.
How is PEP organized?
PEP is a network of school corporations made up of parents, educators and professional businesses within a school district. School corporations are made up of members who purchase goods and services from participating retailers/businesses (sponsors) for redeemable vouchers. PEP contacts retailers/merchants to make vouchers available through the purchase of products or services to members and their families.Vouchers are collected by members & supporters which are redeemed on-line or mailed monthly. PEP invoices the retailers/businesses (sponsors) for the redeemed vouchers. PEP then deposits all monies received into the proper escrow accounts for educational programs.
How does a school benefit?
A certain percentage of every dollar earned via each voucher goes to a participating school in a corporation. These funds can be used for approved academic programs (including library books, scholarships, tutoring, incentive programs, educational trips, supplies, and other related school expenditures that benefit students.)
How does a student benefit?
Funds are accrued according to purchases made and vouchers collected by families and their supporters who wish to participate. Funds are deposited into an individual child's account for tuition for post-secondary education (colleges & technical schools). 2 party checks are written directly to the student and institution.
How does a retailer/business benefit?
The PEP program is a traffic builder for participating sponsors. This program allows the retailer/business to issue vouchers for purchases that are redeemed for dollars via the PEP program. By utilizing a voucher system instead of coupons, PEP provides retailers/businesses with a more cost-effective marketing plan. The members plus their family members and supporters become preferred shoppers of these businesses. The families and their supporters become preferred shoppers.
How does the flow of funds work?
Local schools participate in the PEP program. The school's family members purchase products and/or services from participating retailers/businesses and receive vouchers (upon request) for these purchases. Upon receiving vouchers the families and/or supporters redeem vouchers on-line or are mailed to the PEP redemption center. PEP invoices the retailers/businesses that then make payment to PEP for the redeemed vouchers. These monies are then deposited into the appropriate escrow accounts. Funds are held until verified requisitions for disbursements are made to the school. These requests are forwarded to PEP which then disburses the funds relative to the request: i.e. school equipment, school educational trips, and student tuition.
Why is PEP better than other education fund raising programs?
Families and students don’t have to sell anything.
Parents do not purchase anything that they would not normally buy.
Students benefit directly according to purchases generated by their parents.
Retail establishments have a more effective way of rewarding customers. PEP also provides them with the means to give back to the community.
How do you register a school?
To enroll or register a school, please download the following School Data Sheet and example School Association Letter. Fill out the School data sheet and submit an association letter to: Postal address: P.E.P. P.O. Box 47295 Indianapolis, IN 46247 Please be sure to fill out all the information on the data sheet, this will help expedite the process. Click here to open an example letter.
What is a PEPBuck
Each PEPBuck represents one dollar of payment from merchants. These funds are tracked and deposited into your account (and the accounts of schools and other beneficiaries) as they are paid by the merchants. This occurs when you redeem the merchant vouchers.

Both PEP and TMI accounts recognize and use PEPBucks as their unit of value, i.e., you can deposit PEPBucks to any PEP or TMI account.